Conference on Algorithms and Discrete Applied Mathematics

Department of Futures Studies
University of Kerala, Thiruvanthapuram
February 18-20, 2016

Time Day 3 Slides
Session IX Chair: Subhas Nandy
09.00 hr. - 09.25 hr. Jessica Pereira, Tarkeshwar Singh and S Arumugam
m-Gracefulness of Graphs
09.25 hr. - 09.50 hr. Hovhannes Harutyunyan and Zhiyuan Li
A New Construction of Broadcast Graphs
09.50 hr. - 10.15 hr. P Renjith, N Sadagopan and Illuri Madhu
Complexity of Steiner Tree in Split Graphs - Dichotomy Results
10.15 hr. - 10.40 hr. Manoj Changat, Ferdoos Hossein Nezhad and Narayanan Narayanan
Axiomatic Characterization of Claw and Paw-free Graphs Using Graph Transit Functions
10.40 hr. - 11.10 hr. Tea
Session X Chair: Partha Goswami
11.10 hr. - 11.35 hr. Nibedita Mandal and Pratima Panigrahi
On Irreducible No-hole L(2,1)-colorings of Hypercubes and Triangular Lattices
11.35 hr. - 12.00 hr. Raja V and Patil H. P
Characterization of H-trees
12.00 hr. - 12.25 hr. Adarsh K. Handa, Aloysius Godinho and Tarkeshwar Singh
Some Distance Antimagic Labelled Graphs
12.25 hr. - 12.50 hr. Ram Kumar, Manoj Changat, Kannan Balakrishnan and Prasanth G N
On The Center Sets of Some Graph Classes
12.50 hr. Closing session followed by Lunch


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