Conference on Algorithms and Discrete Applied Mathematics

Department of Futures Studies
University of Kerala, Thiruvanthapuram
February 18-20, 2016

Time Day 1 Slides
08.30 hr. - 09.30 hr. Registration and Inauguration
Session I Invited Talk
Chair: Manoj Changat
09.30 hr. - 10.45 hr. Victor Chepoi
Median structures, CAT(0) cube complexes and event structures
10.45 hr. - 11.15 hr. Tea
Session II Chair : Anil Maheswari
11.15 hr. - 11.40 hr. Pavel Emelyanov
AND-Decomposition of Boolean Polynomials with Prescribed Shared Variables
11.40 hr. - 12.05 hr. Sandip Das, Sarvottamananda Swami and Ayan Nandy
Linear time algorithms for Euclidean 1-center in Rd with non-linear convex constraints
12.05 hr. - 12.30 hr. Adrian Dumitrescu and Anirban Ghosh
Lower Bounds on the Dilation of Plane Spanners
12.30 hr. - 14.00 hr. Lunch
Session III Chair: Ambat Vijayakumar
14.00 hr. - 14.25 hr. Arti Pandey and B. S. Panda
b-Disjunctive total domination in graphs:Algorithms and Hardness Results
14.25 hr. - 14.50 hr. T. Karthick
Independent Sets in Classes Related to Chair-free Graphs
14.50 hr. - 15.15 hr. Ramesh K Jallu and Gautam K Das
Improved Algorithm for Maximum Independent Set on Unit Disk Graph
15.15 hr. - 15.40 hr. Jayagopal R, Indra Rajasingh and Sundara Rajan R
Domination Parameters in Hypertree
15.40 hr. - 16.10 hr. Tea
Session IV Chair: Sudebkumar Prasant Pal
16.10 hr. - 16.35 hr. Robin Milosz and Sylvie Hamel
Medians of permutations : building constraints
16.35 hr. - 17.00 hr. Binay Bhattacharya, Sandip Das and Tsunehiko Kameda
Linear-Time Fitting of a k-Step Function
17.00 hr. - 17.25 hr. Cristina Bazgan, Ljiljana Brankovic, Katrin Casel and Henning Fernau
On the Complexity Landscape of the Domination Chain
17.25 hr. - 17.50 hr. Sandip Banerjee, Neeldhara Misra and Subhas Nandy
Color Spanning Objects: Algorithms and Hardness Results
18.15 hr. - 18.45 hr. Business Meeting
Chair: Subir Ghosh
19.30hr. Dinner


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