ACCEPTED PAPERS (in submission order)

Sabine Storandt. Bounds and algorithms for geodetic hulls.

Maike Buchin and Dennis Rohde. Coresets for (k, \ell)-median clustering under the Fréchet distance.

Sparsh Jain and Sreejith K. Pallathumadam, Deepak Rajendraprasad. B0-VPG Representation of AT-free Outerplanar Graphs.

Piotr Wojciechowski, K. Subramani, Alvaro Velasquez and Williamson Matthew. On the approximability of path and cycle problems in arc-dependent networks.

Neeldhara Misra and Debanuj Nayak. On fair division with binary valuations respecting social networks.

Julien Bensmail, Hervé Hocquard, Dimitri Lajou and Éric Sopena. A proof of the Multiplicative 1-2-3 conjecture.

Riccardo Dondi and Alexandru Popa. Covering a graph with densest subgraphs.

Xiangyu Guo and Kelin Luo. Algorithms for online car-sharing problem.

Shalu M A and Cyriac Antony. The complexity of star colouring in bounded degree graphs and regular graphs.

Shalu M A and Kirubakaran V K. On cd-coloring of {P_5,K_4}-free chordal graphs.

Pranjal Dutta and Mahesh Rajasree. Algebraic algorithms for variants of subset sum.

Arun Anil and Manoj Changat. Comparability graphs among cover-incomparability graphs.

Andrzej Lingas, Mia Persson and Dzmitry Sledneu. An output-sensitive algorithm for all-pairs shortest paths in directed acyclic graphs.

A Mohanapriya, Renjith P and Sadagopan Narasimhan. P versus NPC : Steiner tree in convex split graphs.

B.S. Panda and Sachin. Hardness and approximation results for some variants of stable marriage problem.

James Tuite, Elias John Thomas and Ullas Chandran S V. Some position problems for graphs.

Phablo Fernando Soares Moura, Matheus Jun Ota and Yoshiko Wakabayashi. Approximation and parameterized algorithms for balanced connected partition problems.

Athmakoori Prashant, Francis P and Francis Raj S. Chromatic Bounds for the subclasses of (P_3 \cup P_2)-free graphs.

Bruno Barros, Rian Pinheiro, Luiz Satoru Ochi and Ueverton Souza. On conflict-free spanning tree: algorithms and complexity.

Puspal Bhabak and Hovhannes Harutyunyan. Approximation algorithms in graphs with known broadcast time of the base graph.

Arun Kumar Das, Sandip Das, Anil Maheshwari and Sarvottamananda Swami. Voronoi games using geodesics.

Vikash Tripathi, Ton Kloks, Arti Pandey, Kaustav Paul and Hung-Lung Wang. Complexity of paired domination in AT-free and planar graphs.

Soumen Maity, Ajinkya Gaikwad and Shuvam Kant Tripathi. Parameterized intractability of defensive alliance problem.

Jan Bok, Richard Brewster, Tomás Feder, Pavol Hell and Nikola Jedličková. List homomorphisms to separable signed graphs.